My journey 

… Wow.. Life as been filled with ups and downs this past summer, I went to Europe again, met new friends in different locations, started my internship,   went through a hurricane again, celebrated my mother’s 49th birthday and planned my parents 30th anniversary party this past weekend, go offered a position at a major company,  and finally…. I got a job offer 4 weeks into my internship. I have been working so hard to keep a professional rapport and making sure that adminstration notice me! Nothing is set in stone yet; however, the principal and VP called me in to meet with me. She offered me an on the spot position as soon as I finish my internship. On top of this… it’s with gen ed. I am an ESE major but have been very open minded. This would be huge for me because I can begin to help financially in my home, I can begin to have my own insurance and benefits, I can begin to save for retirement at an early age, and finally, I can begin “adulting.” You guys have NO idea how much I love my ASD cluster students…. they’re the best. I have learned so much through my CR and experiences that I am in awe! I am so happy and ecstatic for what is to come. Tune in next week!  


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