Vaseline A.K.A. lip’s BFF

I started using vaseline as a child … sort of . I would use it on nips and cuts … sort of like neosporin ? Now, I use it DAILY in my lip care routine. It makes my lips soft and makes them stay moist for a longer period of time. I enjoy using the mini version as well since it comes in rose and I LOVE the smell of roses(it smells like the Rose yankee candle). If you ever want to have a larger version. Just keep the larger sized vaseline in your purse. You have the option of having as many as you want to be honest. It is so versatile and useful. It has benefits because of its moisture locking components and allows the lips to look fuller because of its viscosity. If you haven’t used vaseline for the lips , try it out for a week in your routine and you’ll see the difference. 

Quick you can also create eye makeup looks with vaseline and eyeshadow powder. Let me know what else you use vaseline for !
stay humble, Lisa V


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