New contact solution 

Cool find for contact users like me! I use contact lenses for vision and not for color enhancing purposes (because of my myopia & astigmatism). It’s been a long journey since elementary school… wearing reading glasses that made me feel like harry potter with poofy hair. I immediately switched to contact lenses in the 7th grade and then finally got permanent glasses in 9th. I got contacts prior to permanent glasses which is ironic cause most people do the opposite. I love wearing my glasses but when i wear my contacts it’s a different vibe. I feel beautiful and feel like people don’t recognize me or realize “you have light eyes?!” … even though my glasses aren’t that dark 😂… Anywho. I love wearing glasses but contacts are great too. I got this solution and so far i love the concept and it’s so cool putting your contacts into the special casing and watching it fizz and literally cleanse your contacts. The only down side is waiting 4 hours for use. It was only $1.46 @target FTW !!! so go to your nearest target and try it out (if you have to use contacts obviously) haha.


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