What now?

Some individuals live in the reality of today and don’t think about the future and what tomorrow will bring us. Others may constantly worry about tomorrow and the future and forget about today . Ive come to realize that a balance of both is crucial. If you do not have this in mind.. you will ultimately ruin your life in one way or the other. It is my last day at my current job because of my internship coming up. If I was wiser I would have appreciated a lot of things about it .. like the pay and the people it brought me to know and love. I really wish I would have appreciated it sooner. I have grown to love these preschool babies and it has taught me how to become a better future mother, student, wife and caretaker. I am so excited for what the future has in store and God knows that the best is yet to come! This internship will be an interesting journey but I am soooo excited!! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!
Stay humble , Lisa 


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