At Home Spa day 

Everyone needs a day to relax.. i had class today; but, that is no reason to let that keep you from having a chill day. I tried out these two things today: activated charcoal face mask and shea moisture jamaican black castor oil hair mask! I was so excited to use these products because you see so many benefits online…you’re an article reader like me! Just make a bit of lemonade if you have some fresh weather outside or some hot cocoa if you are currently freezing haha.

Charcoal is great for cleansing and really getting the GUNK out of your pores!!! The best part is that you can DIY or just purchase a face mask with these ingredients. It gave my face quite a shine afterwards and it makes you look hilarious when you apply it . For the record this is not those peel off ones. I bought this one at CVS and it is cvs brand; but, it works just as fine. 

I tried out this hair mask as well and it was a gift…I believe you can purchase this on amazon and at target. It smells AMAZING… like cookies I tell you !! It doesn’t have the sticky sensation I get when I make at home castor oil hair masks, so I am loving it so far. I will put some pics of the end result once i blow dry my hair and have it all prepped and pretty. I used my redken shampoo (i have mentioned it in a previous post) and hope that they bonded well and do not make my hair to oily. I placed the hair mask in my hair for 15-20 minutes under a hair dryer , but you can use it in your hair for up to an hour without heat. 

Here is the end result !!

Let me know if you have used these products before or some spa day tips !
Stay Humble , Lisa Vargas 


2 thoughts on “At Home Spa day 

  1. Danille Brown says:

    So I’m last November I colored my hair and I wanted to try a new hair mask for chemically processed hair and colored hair. So I went to Target and I found this Shea moisture mask. And it makes your hair feel so silky afterwards it was well worth $10. A great buy. !!


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