The Daily Washer: Easy way to keep your hair healthy 

There are those that have REALLY oily hair. It’s just the way their body works…;but, washing your hair every day can still strip your scalp of its necessary oils. Some people think that not washing your hair everyday is a hygiene problem… in reality.. to each his own! I can last 5-7 days max after a blow dry. If i used the flat iron(which i rarely do) 4-5 days. I have never been a “daily washer” type unless my hair is curly. I will most likely wash my hair 1-2 days later if i am keeping it natural. I do have friends with thin hair that wash their hair everyday. My grandmother washes her hair everyday and uses this cleansing conditioner and so do i (whenever i know i’m not going to do my hair and feel like I need it to be washed). 

Matrix was .. you could say.. my first professional hair shampoo and conditioner set. It was simple.. made my hair pin straight (smoothing shampoo) and i loved it . I then later on grew to redken and other shampoos that made my hair look better when I began  styling it in various ways(not the same long straight hair every week). This cleansing conditioner was what I used for my hair when I would have it curly; but , it didn’t really allow my hair to curl well in my opinion. I began using the matrix cleansing conditioner for medium hair and I recommended it for a few friends (that were daily washer) that I knew were willing to test it out and see the results. They loved it! It made their hair soft.. clean and didn’t have that “squeaky no oils” feel from overwashing. 

They have four types of cleansing conditioners in this brand: Fine, Medium, Coarse, and curly. You know what type of texture and how thick your head of hair is. You can use whichever; but, if you have fine hair… don’t use the coarse hair one please haha. 

These fun thing about these products is that you don’t have to spend much money (atm) because on the large 33.8 oz is currently $20 when it’s usually $35-40!!!! 

Watch the link above to kind of get a better grasp of what this product is. 

 There are other essential steps that you can do to keep your hair styled and healthy..

1) use a hair lotion or hair styling spray. Matrix has a product called the Matrix styling smoothing Shine Milk . You can use this in order to add an extra “ummph” to your hair without taking to long or figuring it out how much of the product you need to apply. This product is currently out of stock on; but, you can most likely find this product on amazon or ebay! 🙂 

Their description of the product is the following:

Lightweight mist with features that add softening, strengthening, and conditioning. Adds glossy shine and smoothes and controls flyaways. Blue agave nectar thrives in harsh conditions by retaining moisture and nourishment.
Shape, sculpt, finish with the Biolage collection of stylers that infuse body, control and shine. Each is enriched with its own unique blend of botanicals and styling agents. Ranging from light to firm hold, stylers can be mixed, blended and layered for the ultimate finish.


2) There are many products that can be your “2nd step” as referred to the matrix biolage sets. It all depends on the look you are trying to achieve . I screen shot a few that might be benefial to you. You can use any hair lotion or leave in conditioner of your choice; however, staying with the same line can really work some miracles with your hair since they are MEANT to work together. There are also final steps that you might want to take (hair spray or thermal active spray if you plan on straightening your hair even more)!

These are the following hair sprays that you might to use! Especially if you live in a humid place like me ! I really enjoy using the “freeze fix” !! It really works miracles on a bad hair day ! 

“Let me know what you use and why you do or don’t wash your hair everyday!  Be beautiful with your hair , just know how to treat it right!”- Lisa Vargas 

Stay Humble, Lisa Vargas​

P.S. I know I look like a mess 😭Sorry! But wash the video anyways haha!


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