Homemade Rice Face Mask (anti-aging & brightening)

Asians have been using rice for many purposes including: skin benefits, food, and more creative functions. It is cheap , easy and can be found almost anywhere around the world. 

Rice has known for its dietary purposes ;however, it has great beauty properties as well! Rice contains many antioxidants which allow the mask to really penetrate wrinkles and more skin issues. Rice powder is also used in certain Asian cultures in order to heal the skin and to treat acne scars and the problem itself.

We are not going to make a face mask that is literally grains of mushy rice! It is a mix of textures that is brushed on the face! It is a simple solution to keep the face beautiful in a simple & cost effective way. This recipe is mostly of japanese decent:

Over medium heat(4-5 if your knob has numbers), cook two to three tablespoons of rice in cold water and cook until it softens. Drain the rice making sure to reserve the cooking liquid. In cold water, wash the cooked rice.

Then remove the rice and add one tablespoon of milk and one tablespoon of honey. Mix and then apply desired area of the face. After 30 minutes, rinse with the rice water that you seperated earlier! (easy peasy and you use everything you made)

I also used a face shop face mask and helpful when you’re on the run! 
Stay humble , Lisa Vargas


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