Colored Hair Tips & Strategies That Extend Your Color 

   Colored hair can be tricky ;however, it allows ladies and men the hair they have dreamed of or allows those with white hairs to keep them well hidden. If you have dyed your hair or color treatments… you know the struggle. I guarantee that these strategies and tips will save your hair time and money. If you don’t use the right products, the color fades away and it can turn brassy or that ugly yellow shade that no one likes. It is CRUCIAL to take care of your hair when you color your hair. If your hair is dark and you go lighter and lighter every month … you are damaging your hair in the long run. If you have light hair and are going darker… take on consideration the time and money it will take to get your hair back to its natural color. These are just some reasons as to why I have never dyed my entire head. I have done highlights, balayage , and ombré. Mostly red, honey, and caramel colors and I loved them!! They made me look unique and each made my eye color pop out a different way. I currently am back at my natural color and have been that way for almost 2 years. I just think darker hair suites me (for now haha.) Anyways… there are so many chemicals that are in the process of changing one’s hair color and it is important to use the right ones to ensure that it doesn’t cause the color to fade quickly. 

1) Buy a shampoo and conditioner that is for colored hair. I would suggest investing in Redken’s color magnetics extend ! This set allows the hair to be fortified and healthy. It is also sulfate free which is super important for hair that is color treated! Another fun thing about it is it smells amazing (like all other redken products)! 

2) Use the right products when using your hair. The pillow-proof series is lovely and makes your hair soft and shiny.Here are two products that I would suggest that go hand in hand with the shampoos. 

The two day extender dry shampoo is helpful because it allows your hair to be refreshed and absorbs the oils to ensure that you don’t have to wash your hair consistently (which strips the color away.) 

3) Do face masks occasionally! Some people believe coconut oil is beneficial every week… however it will have better effects if you use it every other week or once a month. Coconut oil is also not supposed to be a leave in moisturizer for your hair.. it just makes your hair greasy and it won’t smell like coconuts all day. I suggest purchasing a hair mask that contains what you need for colored 


Do what makes you feel pretty , if you like blue , rainbow, or platinum blonde hair.. do it! Just make sure it’s healthy and that you’re eating the right things. Make sure you’re eating your veggies and also take biotin pills to keep your scalp healthy. Comment some ideas !

Stay humble, Lisa Vargas


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