Healthy curls & the right products 

“Make heads twist with healthy curls”- Lisa Vargas 

This post does NOT apply to everyone. Not everyone has curly hair and will understand the struggles of naturally curly hair. It is also a huge blessing because you can have straight hair whenever you want and every curl is unique. Everyone is blessed with their hair and every type of hair has it’s pros and cons. If you have wavy hair it does not count as curls. Curls and other types of hair are included in the following  picture below: 

I have the 22 mm type of hair with a bit of spanish curls and I have tried many many hair products in my lifetime. I use different hair products depending on the look i am trying to achieve. I use DevaCurl for my curly hair and have most of their products. They have a good range so I won’t be able to say how much each product is worth; however I will state the prices of the main 2. 

No-poo is a conditioning cleanser that ensures that the hair is not stripped of its natural oils since curly hair tends to dry out.The one condition is a daily conditioner that you can use to apply to your hair the next day if you want less frizz on “2nd day hair.” 

The rest of the products included are below. 

These products are all for curly hair and allow you to embrace the natural you! I totally embrace people rockin’ their real hair because God created you without the flat iron. If you have damaged curly hair … maybe consider not using the flat iron on your air dried hair . If you don’t know how to blow dry your hair look up online tutorials to try! A flat iron is so bad for your hair because of the amount of heat placed DIRECTLY on your hair. It isn’t hot air… it’s a METAL plate. Most people do it anyways but if you have CURLY hair .. STOP!!! You’re frying your hair and damaging it. 2nd tip would be to use the right products. Do not use tresemme , pantene, dove, garnier or aussie!! Pleaseeee !! There products contain horrible products that include sulfur as well that will literally strip your hair up all because you didn’t want to invest an extra $10-20 ! There are also some products that have ingredients that cause cancer so check that out through this link 

So basically research BEFORE you buy so that you can have healthy hair! 

The products in the pictures above are for conditioning and volumizing. I was totally against gel;but,  I really enjoy the ultra light gel with the hair conditioners and volumizer. I use a diffuser (t3) and special deva curl towel to help my hair curl without applying too much force or taking out its natural bounce. If you are interested in buying these products … Go on Deva Curl About Us.

You will learn about them and check out their dope products! Let me know what type of hair you have and what are some concerns about your twists and kinks ! Don’t forget to share and follow ! 

Stay Humble, Lisa Vargas 

Here are some pics and their links from my first ig page of what my hair looks like! Pic 1 pic 2 



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