Exfoliation: Treasure that is a scrub away 

   Many individuals do not exfoliate or do not even know what exfoliation is.  Exfoliation can date back to ancient Egyptian times; where sour milk (lactic acid) would strip away dead skin and harmful particles from the top layer of the skin. Exfoliation can vary depending on your budget and needs. You can exfoliate skin for hygienic purposes or for skin that needs a bit of glistening. 

   Exfoliation should be done 1-2x a week (I do it in the shower after washing my hair to remove the excess gunk that just got on my face from washing my hair and the week). I have created a regimen with face masks and exfoliation so that I don’t over treat my skin. The great thing about exfoliation is that it can be homemade . I use a body exfoliation method every 2 -4 weeks to get rid of any extra skin that I do not need. A lip exfoliator has been handy the night or a couple minutes before applying a lipstick or lip pencil. I use the following brands and i’ll let you know other brands that I would recommend as well. 

Men should exfoliate too … to get the gunk out of one’s skin. It could even be for those men interest in growing a new beard to promote growth!

Body exfoliator : 

 -Name: frank

-Method of purchase: Via online https://us.frankbody.com/

-Price: 16.95

-Benefits: from their website…”This is what made me the man I am today: my original, special blend of natural ingredients to scrub away dry, flaky skin, leaving you feeling soft and supple.” Contains roasted and grounded robusta coffee beans(buffs away flaky and dead skin and allows skin to shine), cold pressed sweet almond oil(natural vitamin E,A and D for healthy hydrated/nurished skin), Vitamin E (antioxidant that fights fine lines and aging), and sea salt (removes dead skin). There are additional ingredients depending on which frank you want. You can use it on the body and face!

 Other Benefits include:

Minimize Cellulite – Cellulite is a headache to many women and can be removed by intensive work outs and other means. The scrub will minimize cellulite appearance by tightening your skin and stimulating blood flow to the area scrubbed.

Skin brightening is effected because the caffeine in the coffee has skin properties that awaken then skin (ironic huh). This product allows skin to be more radiant and glowing  through stubbing. This will ultimately brightening your complexion without the nasty chemical side-effects.

Improved circulation: The constant scrubbing will attract the antioxidants from the scrub and attract skin cell growth in the area by improving your circulation. This is a great way to achieve nutrified skin and combat anything from coming your way (wrinkles, cellulite and acne)! 


-name: Bright Pink Lemon and mandarin orange St. Ives exfoliator(i used cvs knock off brand)

-price: $4.50-$5.00 

-benefits:gently polishes away imperfections and brightens with natural micro-exfoliators… best part is it smells AMAZING!

-use: 2x a week 

Lip scrub: 

-I used a mary kay lip scrub that you can purchase through a retailer . ( it was a gift)… you can also make your own with olive oil and sugar. Use once every other day for maximum effects and SOFT lips! Prices vary !!
stay humble, Lisa Vargas. 


3 thoughts on “Exfoliation: Treasure that is a scrub away 

  1. charandtheweb says:

    I love a good scrub and i’ve noticed it does wonders for my face. Interesting products, that Mandarin/Lemon combo sounds great.

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