Achieving Beachy Hair 

First things first RIP MLK. He was a great man and really didn’t care what his era said… he believed and he dreamed.  

On another note… I love beachy wavy hair and volumous hair that catches anyone’s attention. The best thing about big hair is that you don’t have to have a lot to achieve it. I’m or talking about celebrity hair… just wavy volumous hair that looks nice with any outfit.  Most people expect volume to be filled with extensions (which are horrible in my opinion). You can achieve this with a few tricks under the sleeve. First get the right hair products. I recommend the ones listed below and in the following photo.

1) Redken Beach envy  texturizing shampoo, beach envy texturizing conditioner  and wave aid. The total for these 3 products ranges from $28-35 if you get the set. If you purchase seperately it will be about $60(all full sized, the set is not all full sized).  First step is Wet your hair, lather and then rinse (ONCE) ! The Second step is a bit of conditioner.. not too much or it won’t allow your hair to have as much volume and waves . Then finish off with the following:

2) Redken fashion waves 07 is $6.50-19.50 depending on whether you prefer travel sized or the full sized product. This product is meant to texturizing and achieving the bombshell looks Spray all around and scrunch in the hair prior to diffusing or blow drying.

3)Redken’s nature rescue radiant sea spray is no longer available in stores ;but, you can purchase on amazon for $25-30. This can be used to have your hair nice and volumous the next day. It also smells FANTASTIC.It literally smells like a vacation. Spray is all around whe your finished so you can have that extra beachy natural scent.

4) Redken’s wave aid mentioned above ranges from $6.50-20 depending on travel sized or full sized. This can be used with a diffuser and a curling iron or wand afterwards as desired. This is great for a that big beachy hair style that you would see a blonde california girl with on tv haha.

5)Bumble & Bumble surf spray is priced from $16-24 and is my absolute favorite to take when i travel. This can be found at sephora or online websites like amazon. It smells great and has amazing results because it adds body with a matte finish and soft feel. It contains sea kelp so it allows shine and management of hair. This would be your last spray step.

6) Small toothed comb varies by price and brand but I would say purchase this pack for a good price and an alternative to just buying one or two. One uses the comb by brushing upwards after the hair is dry. It achieves the volumous look as long as you are careful and gentle . Do as much as possible by the roots after blow drying your hair if you want to have it blow dried rather than air dried.

7) Small microfiber towel to dry off excess water after washing. The towel should be used in an upward motion . You place is on your open hand and scrunch the water out with the towel before and after you have sprayed the products into your hair.

If you do these you can air dry or blow dry your hair and then use a curling wand (that’s what i would do). I love beachy hair and in south florida it looks good and embraces your hairs body and texture! Let me know if you have wanted to try this out and here are some celeb looks that you might want to achieve:

“As you can tell, hair colors and skin shades of all types look good with a big beachy look! So get out there and embrace loud hair! “- Lisa Vargas

Stay Humble , Lisa Vargas 


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