Hot VS. Cold (Showers)


    If there is anything that i’m more fond of … its talking a warm shower after a long day. Idk what it is; but I feel the weight of my day lifted off of my shoulders once I take a hot shower. There are many benefits to hot showers and cold showers as well. I alternate between both in order to have the “best of both worlds.” 

    I’ll start with why I do showers at night. I have never been able to take a cold shower morning without stressing… unless I have absolutely nothing to do. I believe it’s part of a culture thing as well. Some people take showers in the morning and others at night. I believe there’s nothing wrong with either and some cultures don’t take showers everyday. In florida and the Dominican Republic… it’s hard to not to a cold shower in the morning because of the heat and humidity. Back in DR, It’s usually a custom to take a shower at night so that you can be “squeaky clean” in your bed. My BIGGEST pet-peeve is sleeping with any dirt or particles in my bed. That’s just a synopsis about why I take nightly  showers more than morning showers. 

    Now to the benefits! 

  • Cold Water 
  1. stimulates one’s immune system 
  2. increases alertness
  3. prevents colds
  4. stimulates anti-depression hormones
  5. accelerates your metabolism
  6. frees up the mind
  7. tightens the skin
  8. reduces hair loss
  • Hot water
  1. relaxes the muscles 
  2. Helps insomnia or allows one to fall asleep easier 
  3. lowers body tension
  4. alleviates migraines 
  5. reduces anxiety
  6. reduces swelling 
  7. Acts as a nasal decongestion
  8. removes toxins from skin 
  9. opens pores and cleans the skin

The body longs for showers after an exhausting day or night. Do whatever you feel best! 

Stay Humble, Lisa Vargas

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