John 8 & I 

      This morning I woke up ready to start this new year (first church service of the year)! I had my materials ready , my Bible, and most importantly a heart ready to learn. This morning the preacher spoke about John chapter 6 and I just want to show my notes and my reflections towards these notes etc. Learning from God’s Word should NEVER be kept hidden from others and I felt like this is a great opportunity to show what I learned and how am going to apply this in my life

John 8:1-11

In this passage an adulteress is forgiven and the passage is seen as an “if” because of various reasons shown in the notes above. I love learning apologetics and little things that ensure that the word of God is REAL and the TRUTH. 

  1. I can see myself as that adulteress … Not because I have struggled with THIS sin but because I was that female thrown on the ground and pointed at in my filth and despair. Who am I to look at others sin when I was caught in it too by the blinding light of the Word and Truth?
  2. I have no right to pin point others sin… well I have a huge blessing and problem. Discernment is GREAT to see sin and pin-point it and i’m not being cocky when I say that I usually get a whiff of something or someone that isn’t giving me the right vibe. Now with this I can EASILY become a pharisee. I can easily become the person pointing when I have NO right. I can’t pick up the stone because I should have been stoned for my transgressions.
  3. We have such a forgiving Savior… We are so lucky to be forgiven for Sins that we might measure as the worst or the top ten. It brings my heart gladness to see those precious words, “When Jesus stood up, He said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you? ” “No one, Lord,” she answered.“Neither do I condemn you,” said Jesus. “Go, and from now on do not sin anymore.”]”-John 8:10-11. He was literally telling me… telling us.. Go and sin no more. 

I expect to see myself with this forgiving heart and non-condeming  those that are in sin. I hope to have others comment their thoughts and whether or not you have been in a situation that was like this or testimony as well! 

Stay Humble, 

Lisa Vargas


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