Sandals Versatility 

Every Female in Florida owns a pair of sandals… (my own stats) or atleast 99.8% because of the heat and humidity. It’s so simple, comfortable and  have varieties for prices and people of all types.Here are a few of the major ones that any girl in the summer or (in my case) that lives in SoFlo must have. 

  • The Comfortable Statement is an important way to express style and comfort. If you’re a lazy girl or feeling sick but want to make SOME effort into looking good. Invest in some “ugly sandals”… I was so skeptical into buying a pair because I think they’re hideous. I did notice that it was a necessity because of the comfort and there still in style so it’s OK (Way nicer than crocs anyways.) The prices on these will range from $20-$135. Birkenstock have the well-known ugly or arizona sandals that are comfortable and a fashion statement in its own weird way.            
  • Flip-Flops have been around for a while because they are so comfortable and useful. They can be used for going to a friend’s house, Walking around the house, going grocery shopping and going to the beach if you live near one. The best part is that they are usually economic. You can buy a pair at walmart for 98¢ or go to havaianas and get a pair that will range from $24-40.             
  • The Leather sandal is well known because of its versatility. You can have strapped ones or even the flip flop type. It’s something that will pair up with almost anything and still look cute. The prices range from $15-200 i would say from the most well known brands and there easy to find. I got mine at old navy for $27 and believe that I used them the most this summer for parks and going to the beach.     
  • The Ankle sandal is super cute with a pair of jeans, a dress, a skirt or shorts. If you’re going to wear these I suggest showing your legs. The price varies and I don’t remember the price I got these for but I got them at express. They have a silver buckle and are too cute with thecolor blocked  black and blue. I would definetly suggest these for this coming spring 2017!                          
  • Finally , Last but not least Gladiator sandals or tie up sandals. These for those girls that risk looking cute for being uncomfortable. If you wear these with a dress or skirt… it’s easy  to get asked “where did you get those from?!” The reason why they are uncomfortable is because I have big calves and they constantly change in shape when i’m walking so it eventually unties and falls off. CONSTANTLY…. I love these though and take them out every spring and summer. I bought them at aldo for $70 and they usually run from $70-130 there . You can find these at other locations for a similar price or a unknown brand for maybe $25-30!                      

Shoes are super important and the vary in style because people vary. NOT everyone is the same;however, it’s nice to be up to date and see what is in style and what isn’t. These are some tips of what to have in your closet this spring 2017! 

Stay Humble , 

Lisa Vargas 


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