Self-Warming Face Mask

I tried out a new korean face mask from face shop that I bought in Canada during my vacation. Here are my thoughts, pictures and my rating for this mask. It was not pricey and I was so intrigued that I had to purchase it along with some other goodies. 

Jeju island contains a korean volcano and it’s ash has many benefits. It’s porous texture absorbs sebum and provides intensive pore care by:

  1. Purifying pores with a warm sensation
  2. formulated with city defender complex to help fight the effects of fine dust(sasa+Akebia+Fusiforme).

I tested this face mask out as soon as I got home and have some pictures of the results and what my face looked like before and after.

  • This is my face make up free and sorry my eyebrows weren’t brushed out haha. I have some redness and other concerns as well and wanted to try out this “self warming mask.” (Excuse my hair and it’s craziness please haha! I was relaxing at home in bed.)
  • The bottle has a massaging tip and a button that is pressed in order to release the mask.It has a cinnamon-honey texture in my opinion and one has to massage it during the application. The button does not squeeze easily and you need A LOT for your face. I massaged my face for 4 minutes and was waiting … waiting… waiting for the mask to warm up. I never felt the warming sensation and it felt frustrating because that was the most exciting part in my opinion.
  • The application goes on and has a sticky texture that leaves one’s face shiny and smoothe throughout the massaging process.
  • This is the photo of my face prior to washing is and i didn’t really see a difference but my face did feel a lot cleaner and my skin glistened afterwards. So my rating for this mask would be a 6 out 10. It does cleanse and purify;however, I did not receive the warning sensation as promised in the name itself. Let me know if you have tried a mask like this or if you would like to!

Stay Humble ,

Lisa Vargas


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