Pre-Make Up

Make up wasn’t always something I was fond of. I started wearing make up when I was 15. I only wore it once; but, I guess it counts. I was going to take my quince fotos (quince is 15 and is widely celebrated in latino culture). 

Enough about that though haha. Well, my first product was MAC’s studio finish powder . That was literally I used and a bit of mascara from maybelline. It make me break out… absolutely horrible… but, my mom bought it for me so it was great because I didn’t produce money at that age. So that’s how it all started. I slowly started doing research and trying new products. This ended up being my process.

  1. Have a clean face …wash your face prior to putting anything on your face and then put a toner( Maybe ACV (apple cider vinegar)).
  2. After 5-10 minutes use a primer . I use smashbox primer water $32 and then primer photo finish $36. You can purchase them at sephora or ulta! The reason why I use the primer water is because it allows the makeup to sink in without getting greasy or smearing and it also moisturizes the skin. For some reason people believe that it makes make up melt off ;but, it does the exact opposite. The second primer packs in the punch by allowing the foundation and concealer to sink in. 

I welcome you to try out these products or comment what you use ! 🙂

Stay Humble, Lisa Vargas


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